January 31, 2022

181 | Trends, Challenges & Opportunities: State of the Market and Predictions for 2022

We’ve assembled some of the sharpest minds from 3Pillar Global for a discussion of everything to expect in the marketplace in 2022. What trends are we currently watching and what should we be looking out for as the year rolls on?

Making up our panel are Scott Varho (Vice President of Product Development), Margaret Irons (Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications), Jamie Whitacre (Chief People Officer), and Kim Mirazimi (Senior Vice President of the Commercial Services Portfolio).

Between them, you couldn’t ask for a more qualified group to explore where we’re headed. First, we look at the takeaways that leaders need to be aware of when it comes to product design and development. Then, we move into the three major differentiators of 3Pillar.

Other topics include working from home, how to get messaging effectively out into the marketplace, data collection, and the increasingly digital landscape businesses and their leaders must traverse on the way to employee wellness.


Key topic from the episode

  • Takeaways for leaders when it comes to product design and development
  • 3Pillar’s three differentiators
  • Key takeaways for 2022 and the increasingly digital wellness landscape


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