December 7, 2021

180 | Financial Wellness: The Most Important Lesson Not Taught in School with Whitney Queen

Almost any stat you can find on the subject suggests that Americans are worryingly lacking in financial literacy. Only about 6% of the nation’s employees are positioned to prepare for retirement on their own and only half of those will succeed in doing so. That leaves 97% in need of help.

Financial education isn’t a new concept, but it’s only now that it’s finally starting to gain traction as a legitimate avenue for businesses to explore for their employees – in part thanks to the work of people like Whitney Queen and mindful financial brands like Mentoro.

President of Mentoro, a turn-key financial wellness service provider, Whitney explains that the firm’s aim is to empower employees to focus on their financial journeys and, in turn, create a happier, more productive workplace for everyone.

Our conversation covers financial literacy shortcomings we see on a day-to-day basis, actions that individual companies and organizations can take to cultivate financial wellness within their workforce, and the tangible benefits they’re likely to see by doing so.


Key topics from this episode include:

  • What is financial wellness?
  • The current state of financial literacy in America
  • How (and why) companies should take action
  • What unique services are provided by Mentoro
  • Mentoro’s unique use of digital technology and the role COVID played in its implementation
  • How Mentoro is helping companies retain staff amid The Great Resignation
  • Whitney takes on the IE speed round



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