October 28, 2021

179 | Product Adaptability through AI with Jennifer Bisceglie

One of the biggest, most visible impacts of the pandemic was the massive disruption of supply chains across the globe. It led to shipment delays and product shortages across multiple industries. The problem is that this data can be hard to visualize when you’re trying to solve complicated disruptions.

We’re sitting down with a dynamic woman leading a dynamic company doing incredibly relevant work in the tech space, Jennifer Bisceglie. She’s the founder and CEO of Interos, a supply chain management company that developed powerful artificial intelligence tools which empower companies to quickly identify and respond to rapid changes in their supply chains. Instead of endless spreadsheets, Interos provides clients with a live, global visualization of their supply chains, making it that much easier to protect and improve them.

We get her perspective on everything from modern logistical challenges, to what makes a successful leader, to women in technology. We also discuss Interos’ recent successful funding event where they raised $100 million in investments.


How Interos helps companies manage supply chain disruption

  • Using Interos’ AI, companies are able to answer more questions than ever before.
  • Supply chain management used to be very spreadsheet-driven, and time, and people-intensive. Through leveraging AI, companies can discuss these hard-to-visualize topics at the C-suite level, and talk about the health of their supply chain more regularly.



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