August 30, 2021

176 | Winning Digital Customers with Howard Tiersky

We’ve seen rapid digital transformation over just a few short years, from digital being an afterthought to becoming the primary way customers engage with brands.

With the shift to digital comes the opportunity to craft better storytelling and customer experiences. So what do we do to win customers in a digital age?

Howard Tiersky provides perspectives on the digital media landscape and the critical role that unique content plays in driving audience engagement today. He’s started internet, intranet, and other digital media pages for his previous companies, including Ernst & Young and Capgemini. He’s also the author of Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance.

We’re going to discuss the benefits of democratized storytelling, how to speak to your customers and make them fall in love with your brand, and what’s holding you back from changing at the rate of your customer.


The Democratization of Storytelling

  • Digital has been fantastic for widening the average person’s ability to tell a story. Twenty years ago, it was up to a handful of people to decide which stories were worthy of mass appeal. Now, anyone can get out there and tell a story. If it resonates, it will reach even more people.
  • When storytelling is in the hands of more people, it’s possible to create content that hits more interests. The only person who loses is the person who tries to appeal to everyone.

Winning Digital Customers

  • Define what “winning” means for your company in the context of your goals.
  • Arguably, for any business this could mean driving the behavior of your customers.
  • Behavior is influenced by thoughts or feelings. Reverse-engineer what you can do to create experiences for your customers that give your customers the thoughts and feelings you want them to feel towards your brand.
  • From there, you need to focus on a mix of quick fixes (low-hanging fruit) and long-term strategies to set up your future.



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