July 19, 2021

175 | How the Media Landscape is Evolving with Edwin Wong

COVID-19 has caused disruption like we’ve rarely seen. Media companies have had to adapt fast in our changing environment.

Edwin Wong provides a unique perspective on the media landscape. He’s led research and data-driven B2B strategies for various companies over the past 20 years, working with the likes of Pinterest, Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, Nielsen, and now Vox Media as their Senior Vice President of Insights & Innovation. He helps their advertising partners understand the value proposition of Vox Media, what’s happening in society, and why consumers behave in the way that they do.

We explore the ways in which media companies have remained relevant over the past year, and how brands are leveraging those communication channels to reach their customers in new and innovative ways.


Changes in a Post-Pandemic World

  • COVID has accelerated many of the technology adoption trends that were already starting to take place
  • The pandemic has changed the way we digest information and what kinds of information we seek out. Context and information became key. The importance of escapism also increased as real-world stresses mounted.
  • Audio consumption has also gone up. People are replacing the media they’d previously consume with their eyes and using their ears instead.

How Brands are Adapting:

  • Brands are leaning into social movements and sponsoring important or educational content such as podcasts.
  • Doing this places the brand at the center of something meaningful while also teaching people something of value.



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