April 28, 2021

172 | Shaping the Future & Utilizing Data Effectively with Sheila Jordan | Digital Transformation

Technology can solve nearly every business problem; we just need to know how to use it. It’s up to leaders to keep up with that technology and take advantage of what’s available — to see around corners to how they can apply the latest innovations to their business.

Joining us is Sheila Jordan, Chief Digital Technology Officer at Honeywell. She is an IT executive who excels at solving complex business problems. She understands how technology can add value to a business, and how it can define the IT vision and strategy that leads teams to a successful execution. With this approach, she considers herself to be an agent of change. 

Sheila explores Honeywell’s goal of creating future shapers in its industry, the necessity of trusting your team to innovate, and the importance of data in digital transformation.


Being a Future Shaper

  • A future shaper works to make tomorrow better. Whether that’s being curious about the world or developing next-generation technology, a future shaper observes and defines business needs and is ready to make solutions happen.
  • To create a culture of future shapers, their positive habits have to be encouraged. Big thinking has to be applauded, even when it doesn’t work out. It’s okay to break things once in a while. Future shapers get things done.
  • Remember that activity does not equal results. Be purposeful about where you spend your time and energy for the best return on those investments. Make a conscious decision of where you can add value or where your team can handle it, and inspire them to get it done. Let them take the initiative.

Data is the Currency of Digital Transformation

  • You cannot make digital transformation work if you don’t have data.
  • Use customer data to custom-cater their entire experience.
  • Study the skills necessary to interpret data in a way that is useful to the end customer.
  • The key is to gather the right information and bridge the gap with knowledge to do something with it.



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