September 8, 2020

170 | Growth and Evolution: Security is a Sound Investment – with Sam Curry

What role does security play in the growth of a business?

Sam Curry is a podcaster, the Chief Security Officer of Cybereason, and a visiting fellow at the National Security Institute. Sam has been through a lot of growth in his career, working for two startups in the 90’s, one of which sold to security giant McAfee. Hear Sam talk about the importance of breaking out of your box and becoming a lifelong learner to make an impact at the leadership level, and how investing in security is not about making a return on your investment but making a sound investment in what you’ve already built.


Sam’s Principles for Growth

  • Your subconscious is where most of your experience gets transferred into instincts. You need to be as conscious of your subconscious as you can because sometimes it’s important and helpful — and other times it can hold you back.
  • A sense of humility is important to growth; having a mindset of inquiry, asking questions, thinking critically, and approaching information with skepticism
  • Don’t undervalue your experience. The Dunning-Kruger effect leads to experts who don’t understand the value of their experience. You have to realize when you have adjacent experience that applies, what you know, compare that to others, and not just look at the confidence of others who may have less experience.
  • Focus on lifelong learning. You are never done learning, and becoming a subject matter expert in your field is what will set you apart from others.



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