August 26, 2020

169 | Growth & Evolution: Enhancing Productivity to Encourage Innovation – with Andrew Glover

Productivity is one of the keys to growth, but it can be hard to remain productive when processes are rapidly evolving and changing.

Joining us is Andy Glover, the Director of Productivity Engineering at Netflix. Hear what it means to operate in an organization undergoing constant change and get the inside scoop on whether the Netflix culture deck is real. We discuss the importance of productivity in innovation, the pains that come when a business grows rapidly, and having empathy for the end user of your product.


The role of Productivity Engineering in a company and how they aid in growth

  • Productivity Engineers focus on enhancing developer productivity by removing roadblocks to innovation
  • They look at the world through three lenses: local development experience, delivery experience, and operational experience
  • As a company grows, the offerings and employees of the company grow as well.
  • Platform engineering was set up by individual teams to make people’s lives easier, but didn’t consider how they would work together
  • This leads to inefficiencies that the Productivity Engineering team exists to fix
  • This method requires a high level of empathy regarding the users needs



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