April 27, 2020

163 | Growth & Evolution: How to Lead Teams Through the Unexpected – with Jaffrey Ali

Startups, by their very nature, experience a lot of growth and evolution over a relatively short period of time — and if they don’t, they fail. But simultaneously planning for growth and change, both internally and externally, is a difficult task for even the most experienced product managers.

Luckily, our guest today is not just an experienced product manager but also a growth specialist. Joining us is Jaffrey Ali, Chief Product Officer at FranConnect. Jaffrey has over 20 years of experience in technology companies plus experience with a variety of different startups, and he has developed a  skill for leveraging people’s greatest strengths, putting people in teams that work together, and then driving those teams to work effectively with strong product strategy — even when things don’t go according to plan.


Unexpected challenges

  • Every organization, and every person within an organization, has to be ready for the unexpected — so there needs to be a plan in place for when Plan A doesn’t work.
  • You can and should make a plan, but once reality hits, things are different. There are factors within your control and factors outside of your control.
  • The only surprise should be when things go according to plan.

How do you prepare a team (and yourself) for the unexpected?

  • Jaffrey considers the single most important attribute for any team member to be their engagement.
  • “Engagement is where teams work well together. You will always have disagreements, you will always have different skillsets… but if you’re always engaged, you will eventually succeed.”
  • The most successful tech products aren’t necessarily built by people with the best technical skills. It’s a combination of understanding customer needs, diverse skillsets, and teams that work well together — and that last bit is the most important thing.



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