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With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry in the Mid-Atlantic and Silicon Valley markets, Michael Dering regularly mentors founders of emerging companies and has served on various boards of directors of emerging companies in this capacity. His experience will assist our management in business and operational analysis pre- and post-investment.

Most recently Michael was President and CEO of ServiceBench, Inc., a privately-held SaaS business focused on optimizing the delivery of post-sale service by integrating the service supply chain to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Service Bench was sold in early 2008 to NEW, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Service Bench was financed by venture capital, and each venture investor generated significant venture capital returns from the sale.

Prior to ServiceBench, Michael served as President and CEO of CrossAccess Corporation, a multi-national venture-funded software infrastructure company that focuses on integrating corporate business functions with new e-business applications. Prior to joining CrossAccess, he served as President and CEO of two Bell & Howell companies.

Under his leadership, Bell & Howell Mail and Messaging Technologies doubled its profits and grew revenues to $500 million while cultivating a broad customer base that included telecommunications carriers. Michael holds a BS from the University of Maryland, College Park..