MVP Development

Build your product to find product-market fit and opportunities for expansion. Ensure the long-term viability of your product ideas through rapid experimentation.

MVP Development

Does product development in your organization follow a rigorous process for funding? Or is the process more akin to following the highest paid person in the room’s marching orders? If the latter, it’s time for a new approach that applies greater rigor to the development process.

Our MVP Development offering places a premium on cross-functional, high-performing product teams driving toward shared outcomes. We go through a series of rapid experimentation cycles that are designed to maximize the likelihood that your product will achieve the three critical aspects of market viability:

  • Product / market fit (customer desirability over alternatives)
  • Return on investment
  • Technical feasibility and sustainability

Start Building Your MVP

Why Opt for an MVP with 3Pillar?

MVP Rapid Prototyping

Too often, organizations focus far more on the Minimum part of their MVP than they do the Viable part. Speed, while always paramount in today’s business world, should never be the objective of an MVP. Viability should be first and foremost in your mind instead. And we won’t check the box on an MVP achieving Viability until a product has achieved product-market fit, demonstrated ROI, and has proven technical feasibility and sustainability.

What an MVP is not is just as important as what it is — it’s not a Proof of Concept or a prototype. POCs and prototypes are undoubtedly valuable to create. They should be precursors to an MVP, however. An MVP is the early-stage manifestation of your product in the real world and in production, where you can start to get meaningful feedback on your product and iterate accordingly.

Other companies will tell you they can build your MVP faster than we can. What they won’t tell you, however, is that we make it 5x more likely you’ll achieve ROI without sacrificing your ability to grow and scale by integrating discovery and development in the MVP development process. Our MVP teams are full-fledged cross-functional teams trained in the Product Mindset, which is exactly what it takes to bring your organization’s focus on the Viable angle of developing an MVP.

Case Studies

Research, Collaboration & Heavy-Duty Engineering Lead to a Best-in-Class Digital Solution
Trex, the leading provider of composite deck solutions in the US, came to 3Pillar Global for help completely re-imagining and rebuilding their consumer-facing Deck Designer product.
A 13-Week Sprint to Success (and a Brand-New Digital Assistant)
One of the world’s largest fashion brands enlisted 3Pillar Global to bring a Digital Assistant to life that would drive in-store sales and increase revenue.

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