April 20, 2016

“Why Visual Design Is More Than Meets the Eye” by David Rhyne Published in UX Magazine

David Rhyne, Lead UX Designer at 3Pillar Global, had an article titled "Why Visual Design Is More Than Meets the Eye" published in UX Magazine.

In the article, David discusses the importance of visual design within the overall design process, and then details the best ways to implement it within a company's design procedures.

David's definition of visual design reads as follows:

"Visual design is a means of communicating through orienting illustrations and photography, meaningful typography, evocative iconography, persuasive color, comforting spacing and layout execution, and many other 'little big details.'"

He stresses its importance for utilizing the visual aspects of a product to improve user experience, and outlines five process pointers to direct towards greater visual design.

You can read the full article on UX Magazine's website. UX Magazine is a free community resource exploring all facets of experience design. They work closely with practitioners and industry leaders versed in all areas of UX to provide a steady stream of engaging and useful content.

David Rhyne is Lead UX Designer at 3Pillar Global. He is responsible for creating design artifacts including wireframes, workflows, mockups, information architectures, and visual design assets. He has a BS from George Mason University in Information Technology.