October 21, 2014

3Pillar Presents at Wearables + Things Conference 2014

On October 21st, 3Pillar Global’s David DeWolf, Jessica Hall, and Dan Greene spoke at the Wearables + Things conference in Arlington, VA. The conference was produced by Modev – the DC area development community dedicated to connecting those in the development ecosystem – and it featured a veritable who’s who of leaders in the wearables space.

David, Jessica, and Dan, spoke at a breakout session titled “Fulfilling The Wearables Promise: How to Take Wearables Data From Minimal to Actionable.” Their presentation covered the limitless possibilities that the wearables movement has opened up for consumers and companies alike. Through a collection of case studies, this session looked at wearables data and some of the hurdles standing in the way of widespread wearable adoption. It also looked at how data is packaged and some of the limitations that brings in giving users relevant, actionable suggestions to help improve lives. You can view the presentation in its entirety along with the slides from their presentation via the SlideShare embed below.

Modev’s Wearables + Things conference was the Development & UX event at the intersection of wearables and the Internet of things.  The 2014 event featureed over 60 guest speakers and more than 35 workshops aimed at nurturing development skills on platforms such as Sony, Pebble, and Misfit, just to name a few. The conference connected industry professionals with some of the brightest minds in the rapidly growing wearables space. From smart watches to connected devices, the industry is growing faster than anyone could have predicted, making developers, designers, and software product engineers more valuable to the industry than ever before.