April 1, 2014

Wearable Technology Innovator Valencell Teams with 3Pillar Global

Fairfax, VA – April 1, 2014 3Pillar Global, a leading developer of innovative, revenue-generating software products, has announced a product development partnership with Valencell, an innovator in mobile health and fitness technology. 3Pillar and Valencell are collaborating to build a new consumer-facing application that will use industry-leading data from Valencell’s PerformTek® sensor technology to help consumers understand a vast array of biometric information.

Valencell’s PerformTek Precision Biometrics is a patented licensable sensor technology that measures more real-time biometrics than any other fitness monitoring technology. Consumer electronics industry leaders including LG, Intel, Blaupunkt, Scosche, and iriver have licensed PerformTek for seamless integration with products used by tens of millions of consumers each day. 3Pillar and Valencell recently completed a 3Pillar Innovate engagement, which led to the creation of a prototype for the product that the companies will now work collaboratively to build, following 3Pillar’s Adaptive Product Lifecycle Management methodology.

“3Pillar has been an excellent partner for us, helping us make critical strategic decisions to move our business forward,” said Valencell President Dr. Steven LeBoeuf. “Our patented sensor analytics technology provides meaningfulactionable, and personalized data ideal for use in training, coaching and other applications, and 3Pillar has helped bring our founding vision to life. We have made tremendous strides in the market and look forward to continuing to work with 3Pillar to help us bring more new products to market and expand our business quickly.”

“Wearables are one of the hottest technology trends in the world right now. It is exciting for us to be a part of Valencell’s efforts to harness the numerous opportunities that this technology offers,” said 3Pillar Global CEO David DeWolf. “Many businesses today are in a situation like Valencell’s, where they want to build a prototype to further develop a concept or emerging technology quickly. We’re happy to help Valencell bring their innovative ideas to life.”

Valencell is a North Carolina-based start-up that created PerformTek® Precision Biometrics, a licensable sensor technology that measures more real-time biometrics than any other fitness monitoring technology. Validated by leading research institutions, such as the Duke Center for Living, and proven through commercialized products, Valencell helps manufacturers bring quality wearable technology products to market quickly and efficiently.

3Pillar recently launched packaged services – Innovate, Accelerate, and Elevate – to provide companies numerous entry points into the software development lifecycle. Each service is based on the company’s best practices and experience in building revenue-generating software products for clients and a proven agile methodology. The Innovate service helps companies who have a product idea and need a prototype to help bring the idea to life. The prototype can be used to provide a richer experience of the product idea, which may be used with customers, or to help the product team itself further refine the product direction.

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