November 19, 2012

Uniting Innovation and Development: Ascent Advisor Interview with CEO David DeWolf

Ascent Advisor Interview with David DeWolf3Pillar CEO David DeWolf recently sat down for an interview with Ascent Advisor to discuss the origins of 3Pillar, how he manages to oversee an international software development company with offices on four continents, and the core values that are hard-wired into the 3Pillar corporate DNA.

How and why did David found 3Pillar? As he says in the interview, it happened almost by happenstance. When he was making introductions to fellow software developers, one of the companies asked David how much to pay him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Once he decided to start a company, David says, “I wanted to create a different kind of company…My goal was to create a true product development partner, with the best practices expertise in full life cycle agile-based product development.” Six years later, 3Pillar’s Adaptive Product Life Cycle Methodology  is helping over 50 clients launch business-changing software products to market early and often.

When asked about enabling client technology strategy, David mentioned the need of alignment with the business first. “Our goal is to produce software products that help our customers drive revenue.” Technology enables businesses to generate revenue and should be seen as a business facilitator. Once the business needs are captured, technology implementation and innovation drive the rest.

David also talked about the three core values that drive 3Pillar: Integrity, Innovation and Agility. These values need to be translated well and effectively from top to bottom. This enables people at all levels make the right decisions at the right time. When asked about future challenges, David mentioned the need for scalability, maintaining the momentum the company has now, and meeting and exceeding customer expectations in a dynamic business world. This all must be backed by innovation and hitting the market at the right time.

Special thanks to Juan Riboldi at Ascent Advisor for taking the time to interview David!