November 10, 2009

Three Pillar Software Combines Business and Technical Expertise in new “Product Mindset” Perspective

Fairfax, Virginia, November 10, 2009 – Three Pillar Software, Inc. (Three Pillar), a leading provider of comprehensive full product lifecycle solutions headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, recently announced the formalization of its new perspective on development, strategy, and infrastructure. Called ‘The Product Mindset’, Three Pillar has made it applicable to the company’s complete portfolio.

This includes software and web-based application development, SAAS, new or redesigned networks and databases, and even architecture and business model optimization.

According to Three Pillar Director of Delivery Karen Castilon, the strength of the Product Mindset is its combining the company’s business acumen with its technological proficiency. This, she explained, gives Three Pillar the distinct advantage of being able to approach client challenges both as top-tier technical experts and as performance-minded business professionals.

“One of the true differentiators for Three Pillar is our ability to balance the demands of technological and business worlds in order to deliver the best results,” said Castilon. “By formally branding our perspective as the ‘Product Mindset’, we hope to convey that distinction. Essentially, we want partners, clients, and prospects alike to immediately understand that we empathize with the business demands driving every technical investment.”

Three Pillar CEO and President David DeWolf reinforced Castilon’s explanation. “In these economic times, organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of developing self-funding products,”he explained. “They are also realizing that innovation never ceases, and they are getting smarter about how to ensure products pay for themselves.”

“It is this need to self-fund,”DeWolf noted, “that Three Pillar’s Product Mindset is ready to meet. It is designed to drive products to market and fuel continued development through the product’s very own return on investment, rather than requiring huge capital outlay at the beginning of an effort.”

Castilon and DeWolf also remarked that Three Pillar’s Product Mindset outlook is gaining traction among myriad organizations, from federal agencies to financial institutions. Furthermore, these organizations are finding the perspective works for internal applications as well as external products.

Since the inception of the company, Three Pillar has been working with public and private entities to understand their distinct organizational missions. Recognizing the unique business drivers of each gives Three Pillar the ability to establish a clear strategic vision and to properly align a product roadmap in order to realize an optimized return on investment.

Founded in July 2006, Three Pillar Software specializes in full product lifecycle solutions, serving clients through a unique set of offerings focused on realizing significant business advantages. For more information, visit the Three Pillar website at