December 2, 2009

Three Pillar Service Expansion Continues with LeverPoint Merger

Fairfax, Virginia, December 3, 2009– Three Pillar Software, Inc. (Three Pillar), a leading provider of comprehensive product outsourcing solutions headquartered in northern Virginia, today announced the finalization of its merger with privately held LeverPoint, LLC, a global leader in dual-shore software product development.

Under the Three Pillar masthead, the company will reinforce a successful strategic partnership cultivated over the past 18 months.

In addition to increasing the company’s client base, the merger is helping Three Pillar fulfill its vision of creating what it calls its Shore Agnostic approach. According to Three Pillar CEO David DeWolf, Shore Agnostic is an ideology that allows solution development to remain adaptable, employing and optimizing resources whether they are drawn from local or global resources, or are implemented in strategic combination.

“Being Shore Agnostic means being able to ensure delivery of the right solution, at the right time and for the right budget,” explained DeWolf. “It allows our clients to make decisions based upon their real-world business priorities rather than geography.”

In light of the company’s shore agnostic commitment, DeWolf explained how the Three Pillar/LeverPoint merger will compliment the company’s software product and consulting services. “This move positions Three Pillar as a first mover in genuinely Shore Agnostic product solutions,” he added.;

LeverPoint co-founder and CEO Todd Bramblett reiterated DeWolf’s enthusiasm for the merger, saying: “This is a major milestone for our companies.Together we are much stronger than we were separately. Going forward, our newly expanded team and technical expertise will allow us to serve clients that LeverPoint was unable to serve in the past,”

Bramblett will now serve as Three Pillar’s President and CFO, taking charge of sales and strategic acquisitions. “Having partnered with Three Pillar for well over a year, and having observed their explosive growth, market penetration, and deep technical capabilities first-hand, we were convinced that this would be an ideal partnership. We’re confident we will be creating tremendous growth opportunities for employees and a higher level of quality and service for our clients.”

Along with Bramblett, LeverPoint leadership now named to executive positions at Three Pillar include co-founder Larry Simpson, who will serve as president of Three Pillar’s Government Services Group and co-founder Michael Renner, who will lead the managed services team.

About Three Pillar
Founded in July 2006, Three Pillar Software specializes in product outsourcing, serving clients through a unique set of offerings focused on realizing significant business advantages.

About LeverPoint
Founded in 2003, LeverPoint has become a leader in “right shore” software product development. LeverPoint delivers world-class software development outsourcing and professional services GUARANTEED to be on time, on budget and on quality. LeverPoint utilizes global centers in the US, India, Argentina and Europe. The company creates solutions that deliver the right mix of skills from the right shores at the right price.