Taking “Wearables” From Trend to the Wardrobe

David DeWolf, CEO of 3Pillar, recently wrote an article for leading Silicon Valley publication PandoDaily about the growing trends ahead in the wearables space.

In the article, “Taking wearables from trend to the wardrobe,” David talks about some of the everyday applications he sees for the growing wearables industry and the potential impact it will have on us as everyday consumers. Namely, he believes that wearables will not just be limited to devices like the Nike Fuelband or Jawbone Up, but they will become embedded in the fabric of our society, literally, in the clothes that we wear.

He talks about some of the exciting possibilities that wearables present, as well as gives useful tips to developers looking to create products that employ wearable technology. He makes the point that wearables present a unique opportunity to provide a functional product in a discreet form, but it still remains to be seen what form will assume dominance in the market.

PandoDaily is a fast growing web publication that offers technology news, analysis and commentary with a specific focus on the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. They have billed themselves “the site of record for Silicon Valley,” and have been steadily growing in popularity within the tech industry since its inception.

To find out more about wearables and what they could mean for you, read the entire article here.

Klenn Harrigan

Klenn Harrigan

Klenn Harrigan is part of the Digital Marketing team at 3Pillar Global. His responsibilities include helping create content for the 3Pillar Website, assisting with support of 3Pillar’s “The Innovation Engine” podcast, and various other marketing related support efforts. Klenn is a recent graduate from George Mason University, where he received a BS in Business Management.

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