March 2, 2014

Solutions from Data: Innovative Apps Can Bring Engagement, Loyalty and Revenue

David DeWolf, CEO of 3Pillar, was recently quoted extensively in a RTC Magazine article by Tom Williams. The article looks at the role Big Data plays in creating brand loyalty and additional growth, as companies try to find creative ways to gain insight from their systems and devices.

In the article “Solutions from Data: Innovative Ways Apps Can Bring Engagement, Loyalty and Revenue,” David talks about the importance of software development, and its ability to enhance user experience, reinforce brand awareness, and become a key factor in continued customer engagement. He explains that because of the internet, you connect with your customers through your software more than any other means regardless of what industry you’re in, thereby making it part of your brand. By using meaningful data to solve problems, software development can be built using functional knowledge of the customer.

RTC Magazine, uses strong market analysis to spotlight trends and breakthroughs in technology. They offer broad technical and market coverage to supply timely coverage of this developing and expanding industry.

The applications of Big Data are limitless and no one has the answers as to how to use it. The creative market for using Big Data is largely untapped, a fact evidenced in the scramble companies are doing to try and maximize their products and services along their many platforms.