“Scope Creep or Just Change?” by Jessica Hall and Jeff Nielsen Published on Mind the Product

Jessica Hall, Director of Product Consulting at 3Pillar Global, and Jeff Nielsen, SVP of Engineering at 3Pillar Global, had an article titled “Scope Creep or Just Change?” published on MindTheProduct today.

In the article, Jeff and Jessica discuss the common misapprehension of “scope creep,” which is defined as the uncontrolled changes in the project’s scope. Instead, Jessica and Jeff argue that if we “consider learning and discovery to be a natural part of the software development process, there is truly no such thing as scope creep. It’s just change managed badly.”

To combat this, Jessica and Jeff offer two solutions:

  1. Embrace learning throughout the product development process, because it is inevitable.
  2. Mange change as a skill to find a balance between being responsive and destructive.

In the end, they stress that we remember that scope creep is not the enemy. Instead, it could be just the thing to make a product successful.

You can read the full article on the MindTheProduct website. MindTheProduct is an international product community that consists of over 50,000 members and hosts events in 90+ cities worldwide. Their website acts as a place to continue discussions started at events, and a way to grow and nurture the product management community around the world.

Jeff Nielsen is the SVP of Engineering at 3Pillar Global, where he oversees the delivery of technology services to all 3Pillar clients. Jessica Hall is the Director of Product Consulting at 3Pillar Global, where she helps clients from startups to enterprises build great products by defining their vision, focusing development efforts, and engaging with customers.

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