January 19, 2015

Sayantam Dey in Businessworld on the Indian IT Sector in 2014

Sayantam Dey, Director of 3Pillar’s Advanced Technology Group in India, recently put pen to paper for an article in Businessworld on the changing face of the software development sector in India. The article, titled “Indian IT: Services to Products?” talks about the gradual shift happening within the realm of the India IT sector as it looks to transition from a services-driven mindset to the product business.

In this article, Sayantam talks about how several IT companies in India are shunning the aging IT Services business model and focusing on developing their product development capabilities. Sayantam cites the example of Infosys, India’s pioneering IT company and how they have jumped on the bandwagon by carving out a subsidiary company in “EdgeVerve Systems” to find new revenue streams from the thriving product platform ecosystem.

Sayantam recaps the year that was for the IT industry in India and outlines some of the key factors and events from 2014 that shaped up India’s quest to emerge as a leading software development nation in the world. Want to discover what those factors/events were? Read the full article for more.

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