November 18, 2016

Sayantam Dey and Manoj Bisht to Speak on Machine Learning at Meet-Up

3Pillar’s Sayantam Dey and Manoj Bisht will be speaking on machine learning at the Machine Learning Meet-Up hosted by 3Pillar in India. The meet-up will be held on Friday, December 16 at Hotel Park Plaza in Noida, India.

Their talk, titled “Machine Learning – Lead Conversion Engine,” will cover the power of predictive analytics when it comes to making business decisions. They will explain end-to-end modeling using a raw dataset and cover three stages: data audits, data preparation, and applying machine learning modeling. This modeling result will demonstrate how to gain a definite advantage in your business outcomes by using this technique.

Their description of the talk reads as follows:

“These days, businesses are using predictive analytics as never before. Knowing what is working and what not and diving deep into the future using the state of the art techniques of Machine Learning is becoming key to business success. This case study is focused on identifying individual sales leads and predicting their possibility of getting converted into a paid customer.”

This meet-up is a part of the larger 3Pillar Product Innovation Meet-up Group, which gathers 1100+ like-minded professionals who are passionate about software development, product innovation, open source, and new and emerging technologies.

About Sayantam and Manoj

Sayantam Dey is the Senior Director of Engineering at 3Pillar Global. He has been with 3Pillar for a decade, delivering enterprise products and building frameworks for accelerated software development and testing in various technologies. His current areas of interest are data analytics, messaging systems, and cloud services.

Manoj Bisht is working as an Architect in the Advanced Technology Group at 3Pillar. He has 13 years of software design and development experience and is an AWS Certified Solution Architect. He has software architecture experience in man areas, including n-tier, EAI/B2B integration, SOA architecture, and Cloud Computing. Manoj also has extensive experience working in Retail, E-Commerce, CMS, and Media domains.