June 2, 2014

RTC 2014 and Automated Performance Testing for Desktop Applications

Cipri Balea RTC ConferenceJust a few years ago, it would have been difficult to even think about selecting from a number of software events in Romania, as there were hardly any. Times have certainly changed and the recently concluded Romanian Testing Conference (RTC) 2014 is proof of that. Now in its 3rd year, the Romanian Testing Conference is a widely anticipated annual event that provides a platform for the testing community in Romania to come together and share quality assurance testing best practices.

The event was very well organized and everything from check-in to workshops went smoothly. Being a multi-thread conference, you got to choose which presentation you wanted to attend. I was particularly impressed with the number of foreign speakers that took part in the event. Each one of them had considerable experience in the software industry, making RTC 2014 a platform for immense learning.

I had the opportunity to don two hats at the event. One was in the form of an instructor where I gave a presentation on “Automated Performance Testing for Desktop Applications” and the other was to draw learning by listening to other speakers at the event.

Here are the speeches that I managed to attend at the event:

  • The Google Hacking Database by Kiran Karnad
  • Visual Testing for the Artist within Everyone by Andy Glover
  • Inspiring Testers by Stephen Blower
  • Myths of Exploratory Testing by Luis Fraile
  • Benefit from the Available Innovations in Test Automation by Martin Gijsen

I was amazed at the enthusiastic response my own presentation drew. There were a lot of questions, comments, and suggestions from the attendees. It clearly showed that people were there not just to learn from others but to share their experience and knowledge as well.

Embedded below is my complete presentation on Automated Performance Testing. Enjoy, and feel free to comment or reach out to me at Ciprian.Balea@3PillarGlobal.com with any questions or comments!