May 12, 2015

Product Development Success Index featured in Software Development Times

Software Development Times recently published an article featuring the Product Development Success Index, which was the result of a research study conducted by 3Pillar Global in partnership with the University of Marlyand’s Center for Excellence in Service at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The article is titled “Industry Watch: Successful Software Development” and the research surveyed professionals responsible for software development within their companies on the components of development that are top priorities in order to drive success in innovation.

As the introduction to the article states:

Software is how organizations compete in today’s marketplace. New companies like Uber and Airbnb are invading existing businesses, using the power of software and services to succeed in this sharing economy.

Dr. Sunil Mithas, Research Director and Professor at the University of Maryland, explains some of the finer points of the study in this article, including the necessity of the research as well as the importance of culture in building high-performing organizations. From the resulting data, the Product Development Success Index was born. Dr. Mithas explains it as “a diagnostic tool for companies to assess if they can successfully develop new products.”

The article is featured in both the online and print editions of May’s issue of Software Development Times. The SD Times website receives over 320,000 unique visitors monthly and the print magazine has a circulation of over 60,000 readers.

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