Pranav Dixit, Bhakti Sudha Naithani and Amit Kumar Sharma Attend Android Design

The invite-only Android Design session was held in Hotel Le Méridien, New Delhi on September 15th. 3Pillar Global’s Pranav Dixit, Bhakti Sudha Naithani, and Amit Kumar Sharma were in attendance.

The Android Design session was organized by Google Advocates. It provided an opportunity for both developers and designers to learn and understand the Android application development process from inception through to delivery and the best practices along the way. Attendees got to know new design strategies and were also given early access links to development tools.

The session was focused on providing insights into designing, developing and delivering more user interactive and seamless features in Android applications. During the session, Google Advocates answered various questions like:

  • Interviewing a person with another company and getting requirements
  • Jotting down requirements and having a small sprint session to vote on ideas
  • Drawing a User journey map and visualizing features for it

To know more about Google Advocates and other similar sessions, you can visit the official Google Developers Agency Program website.

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