April 21, 2016

Michael Lisse and Adi Chikara Discuss Blockchain with CoinJournal

Michael Lisse, 3Pillar's Client Executive for Financial Services, and Adi Chikara, a Technology Strategist for 3Pillar's Solutions Management Team, recently spoke with CoinJournal about the development of Blockchain within the financial industry. The article, "3Pillar Global on Blockchain Development," features an interview with both Michael and Adi regarding what attracted 3Pillar to Blockchain technology, the hinderances of Blockchain development, and the need for standardized practices regarding the technology.

In the interview, Michael discusses that 3Pillar began its exploration of Blockchain through 3Pillar Labs:

"We use 3Pillar Labs as a vehicle to explore the way emerging technologies like blockchain will impact the business world so that we can understand and anticipate what that means for our clients and the industries they serve," said Michael.

The two continued with a discussion of Adi's recent presentation on the Blockchain Canvas Model at the DEVCON1 conference. His presentation focused on the vectors of the Blockchain Canvas that help companies identify which areas of their business can start implementing blockchain technology.

The interview concluded with Adi and Michael's thoughts on Blockchain adoption into companies and the necessity for standardized practices with the technology.

"Standardizing practices is a crucial part of ensuring the success of blockchain and is also needed for the enterprise sector to use blockchain more broadly," Adi said regarding the development and benefits of blockchain.

The full interview is available on the CoinJournal website here: http://coinjournal.net/blockchain-development-3pillar-global-interview/

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