Marcos Vanetta at Mozilla Festival 2012: Journalistic Problems in a Digital Age

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Marcos Vanetta, a 3Pillar Technical Lead and web developer, led a workshop at Mozilla Festival 2012 in London on Sunday, November 11. Marcos and Mariano Blejman of Spanish-language publication Pagina 12 gave a presentation called “Visualizing Relationships – Journalistic problems in a digital age.”

Marcos and Mariano presented a design challenge workshop about finding new relationships’ visualizations. The idea was to bring designers, programmers, and journalists together to discuss a new manner of visualizing multiple relationships within stories. The conference attracted people from all over the world with backgrounds that varied widely, bringing a spirited discussion to the section. The group proposed several potential useful applications of data that people would like to see visualized, like:

– Showing natural catastrophies like hurricanes and the ensuing corruption around the recovery money.

– The relationships between big companies’ board members and their inter-connected nature.

The audience further explored issues like neuro-linguistic programming and how to extract in a more automatic way formal information from multiple documents and sources.

The Mozilla Festival was a weekend-long collection of presentations and workshops centered around imagining what the web will become. The purpose of the conference was to bring together different branches of the Mozilla community, one of which is Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, to discuss the future of the web. On the Mozilla site, Executive Director Mark Surman sums up the reason for the conference as this: “We want to move people from using the web to making the web.”

You can view the presentation Marcos and Mariano gave below. Interested in reading more about the Mozilla Festival? Check out what people had to say about #mozfest on Twitter.


Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

VP, Argentina Operations

Gabriel Martinez is the General Manager of 3Pillar Global’s office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career in software engineering working for the mass consumer and tobacco industries (Procter & Gamble and British American Tobacco). After that he migrated to IT outsourcing companies like EDS and 3Pillar Global, where he has been an integral part of establishing our distributed delivery model.

Having worked with 3Pillar Global’s development partner in Argentina, Gabriel was then commissioned to open a full-fledged 3Pillar subsidiary in Argentina. This involved creating a foreign-owned local corporation, dealing with local laws and taxes, applying 3Pillar’s existing processes and methodologies, and hiring top talent for the new clients that were served from the Buenos Aires office. 3Pillar Global’s office in Buenos Aires has grown to more than 35 team members and has successfully adapted to new market trends and technologies like mobile and big data.

Gabriel attended the Insituto Tecnol__gico de Buenos Aires, where he earned a degree Software Engineering and later a Masters in Management of Technology.

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