April 25, 2017

Jonathan Rivers to Speak at Byte the Future Conference

3Pillar’s CTO Jonathan Rivers will be speaking at the Byte the Future Conference in London, UK on May 12th. The Byte the Future Conference focuses on the different facets of innovation, and how best to incorporate innovation into your organization.

Jonathan’s talk, titled “Why Innovation Labs Don’t Work,” will delve into why innovation labs are usually for show rather than for actual innovation and function, and why this is a money pit for most businesses. He’ll walk participants through four questions to evaluate whether or not the innovation lab is worthwhile:

  • How is the lab’s strategy connected to the operations business strategy?
  • What kind of innovation or strategic priorities is it supposed to support?
  • How is the lab going to be connected to core business in order to deliver in time and impact?
  • What support do you need to make the commitment?

The essential understanding of these questions is to ensure organizations are investing in the problems that need solving, instead of a flashy distraction.

Byte the Future is a conference aimed  as a place for innovative business and IT leaders to discuss strategy and the latest topics, and build upon their network. The conference is an afternoon with presentations, work groups, panel discussions, and a concluding networking event. For more information on the event, including a schedule of events and how to register to attend, visit the official conference website.

About Jonathan Rivers

Jonathan Rivers is the Chief Technology Officer at 3Pillar Global. In this role, he leads 3Pillar’s Product and Engineering organizations. This includes more than 600 software engineers, product consultants, product managers, quality assurance, and user experience professionals. Rivers works with 3Pillar team members in each of our locations throughout the world to foster product development best practices that lead to business value for clients.