September 6, 2016

Jonathan Rivers Interviewed by CXO Today on Cloud and Smart Devices

Jonathan Rivers, Chief Technology Officer for 3Pillar Global, was recently interviewed by India’s CXO Today on 3Pillar’s developments in the newest cloud technologies and smart devices. The article, “3Pillar Global Bets Big On Cloud And Smart Devices,” discusses the changing technology landscape and how 3Pillar has adapted to a world in which software products are increasingly powered by the cloud.

Jonathan talks about how the near-constant innovation cycle of technology has revolutionized not just the speed and efficiency of different industries, but the way we work as a whole.

“There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing is changing the business world – for the better,” Jonathan says in the interview. “It is an enormous, all-embracing type of technology that has given businesses the means to make connectivity effortless. Nowadays, when we speak of efficiency, productivity, and useful storage platforms, the first thing that comes to mind is cloud-based technology. The development of such a technology has been making it possible for companies large and small throughout the world to thrive.”

3Pillar has put a focus on incorporating cloud computing across its operations, with a shift to web-based applications and decrease in the amount of tooling used per project. You can read the full article on the CXO Today website here:

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