October 31, 2017

Jessica Hall to Speak at Lean Startup Week

Jessica Hall, 3Pillar’s Senior Director of Product Strategy & Design, will be giving an Ignite talk at Lean Startup Week in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 1st. Jessica’s talk, titled “Four Ways to Kill the Conflict That’s Killing Your Team,” will focus on managing and de-escalating team conflict while working across disciplines and departments to ship product. Lean Startup Week will be held from October 30th to November 5th.

Jessica’s talk is derived from her article that was recently published on A List Apart, titled “Team Conflict: Four Ways to Deflate the Discord that’s Killing Your Team.” She will talk about how many development teams will ignore a small problem between teammates, not understanding that the problem can then fester and grow into a larger, long-standing issue. Jessica outlines four ways to approach this problem and avoid having your teams fall into discord.

The Ignite program at Lean Startup offers a multitude of speakers the chance to deliver a lightning talk sharing their advice and experience with Lean Startup. Jessica will be a part of the Ignite Opening Night, which will feature 12 different speakers, as well as a short ceremony for the first annual Ensō Awards celebrating the best new books on modern management and entrepreneurship.

Lean Startup Week is a week-long event in San Francisco that offers innovators, entrepreneurs, and product makers of all kinds an immersive experience through keynotes, case studies, workshops, and mentoring sessions with leading experts. This year’s conference will feature a workshop hosted by Eric Ries, the co-Founder of Lean Startup, along with talks from leaders across industries, including Martin Eriksson, co-Founder of Mind the Product; Kathy Fish, CTO of Proctor & Gamble; and Viv Goldstein, the Director of Innovation Acceleration for General Electric.