August 27, 2015

Jessica Hall to Present at 2015 DC Code(Her) Conference

This year will be the advent of the first ever full-day Code(Her) Conference, which will be held on September 12th at Microsoft in Chevy Chase, MD. 3Pillar Global’s Jessica Hall, Director of our Innovate Practice, will be giving a talk titled “Prioritization Without the Pain” at 4 PM.

“Prioritization Without the Pain” is an hour long workshop that will teach participants a simple exercise allowing them to identify business objectives and prioritize features to deliver the best results. The ultimate goal is to dispel the confusion of what to prioritize when multiple stakeholders and users are asking for services. The workshop will expand upon Jessica’s exercise to remove emotional bias from business objectives so effective prioritization can occur.

In previous years, Code(Her) has been a program offering classes on the latest web programming languages and technology. This year, Code(Her) has expanded beyond its two-hour format into a day-long conference covering the biggest web development topics. The Code(Her) Conference is a creation of DC Web Women (DCWW), one of the longest running technology organizations for women in the DC area.

DCWW provides various opportunities–such education programs, outreach and networking events, and trainings, among others–for professional women, students, and enthusiasts of the technology industry to make connections and expand their knowledge and interest. The aim is to support and advocate for girls and women in technology by providing a community in which they can develop and nurture their technical skills.

If you’d like to know more about the Code(Her) Conference, you can visit its official website for a full schedule, list of speakers and sessions, and more information on how to attend. For more information on DCWW, please visit their official website. If you’d like to keep up with Jessica, you can follow her on Twitter.