April 14, 2014

Jessica Hall Interviewed by Digital Production BuZZ on Content Monetization

Jessica Hall, Director of the Innovate Practice at 3Pillar, was recently interviewed for the Digital Production BuZZ podcast on the subject of content monetization. Larry Jordan, the podcast’s host, is a well-known consultant with over 35 years of experience as a television producer, director, and editor.

During the discussion Jessica talks about her recent experience at the 2014 NAB Show, where she presented a workshop on “Monetizing Content in the New Digital World.” She touches on the concepts behind the two exercises she conducted there:

  1. The Content Monetization Canvas, which is based on Business Model Canvas
  2. Understanding your customer needs and how to classify them by using the Kano Model.

Jessica and her teams rely on tools like the Business Model Canvas and the Kano Model to investigate areas that businesses are not paying attention to so that they can focus more time and energy there, as well as  areas where they have been vague and outlines ways for them to be more specific. As she puts it, Jessica gets involved with clients when their ideas are “in the napkin phase.” Figuring out how a product will provide value to customers and, by extension, create revenue.

Among the interesting questions Larry posed was: “How do software products and customer experience relate to the media industry?” Hear how Jessica responded to this question and many more by listening to her portion of the podcast!