April 7, 2014

Jessica Hall & Erik Isaksen to Present at ModevUX on Prototyping for Business Outcomes

3Pillar’s Jessica Hall and Erik Isaksen have been selected to present a workshop at ModevUX on May 19th titled “Prototyping for Business Outcomes.” In their 60-minute session, Jessica and Erik will team up to walk ModevUX attendees through 3Pillar’s end-to-end process of understanding desired business outcomes, identifying user needs, iterating, prototyping, and testing to get user feedback. They will also leave attendees with prototyping tools they can use to build their own prototypes in order to more quickly get products from concept to marketplace.

As more and more consumers today are interacting with businesses via software products and mobile devices, presenting them with a great mobile user experience is no longer an option but a necessity for business sustenance. That’s the backdrop against which ModevUX is set. The conference will run from May 19-20 and will be held at the Hilton Tysons Corner in McLean, VA. Jessica and Erik’s presentation will take place on Monday the 19th at 2 PM.

Jessica and Erik are in excellent company as speakers. This global conference on mobile design and user experience is attracting speakers from companies including Capital One, Google, eBay, Netflix, AOL, and HP, among others.

At 3Pillar, prototyping is used as a core strategy to deliver winning customer experiences. Creating and managing a prototype is a means to ensuring that a product’s end users are constantly involved in its evolution. Prototyping helps assess the viability of a product by gauging customer feedback early and effectively communicating a raw idea to various stakeholders.

Here is a quick overview of what can be expected at this session:

Part 1: Introduction Overview – Goals – Preview activities – Meet our Fake Company!

Business Outcome – Lean Canvas – Map relationships between customers, customer’s customers, suppliers, and partners

Rapid User Research Methods – Interview users

Part 2: Ideation, Prototyping and Testing

Sketch – Timed sketching sessions followed by presentations, discussions, and timed refinement

Prototype – What are the tools available? – How do you decided what to prototype and how complex it will be? – How do you set expectations and manage the scope of work with clients and stakeholders?

Test – Review methods for testing – How to prepare and conduct a test

Part 3: Conclusion – Key takeaways – Q&A

Looking for more insights into the subject of prototyping? Want to find out what prototyping can deliver in terms of business outcomes? Register for ModevUX today and get the opportunity to connect with Jessica and Erik on day 1 of ModevUX!

About the Speakers

Jessica Hall is the Director of the Innovate Practice at 3Pillar Global, where she specializes in bringing new ideas to market through rapid prototyping. Previously she built the UX team at CEB and led the creation of the Newseum’s interactive exhibits and websites. Her work has been recognized by the Web Marketing Association, American Association of Museums, The Webby Awards, Time, Graphic Design USA, Forbes, and The Washington Post. She holds a Masters in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Journalism from American University.

Erik Isaksen is a Senior UX Engineer at 3Pillar Global, where he builds digital prototypes using HTML, web components, AngularJS, and more. Erik’s responsibilities at 3Pillar include Rapid Prototyping, Front End Development, and building User Experience Architecture designs through Design Thinking and Lean UX methodologies. Erik is a designer and front-end developer with experience using a wide variety of frameworks, technologies, and languages. He has spoken at events like the NoVa Node Meetup on building prototypes using Node, AngularJS, and web components. Prior to 3Pillar, he was a Rubyist and Front End Developer at Bloomberg.