September 13, 2017

Jessica Hall to Speak at Atlassian Summit

Jessica Hall, Senior Director of Product Strategy & Design at 3Pillar Global, will be speaking at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, CA on September 14th. Jessica’s talk, titled “There’s No Such Thing as Scope Creep,” will focus on the common misapprehension of scope creep by agile development teams. The Atlassian Summit will be held from September 12th through September 14th.

Jessica’s talk as described in her own words:

“‘Scope creep’ is a frequent source of friction between technical teams and stakeholders, and can lead to a toxic environment without a balance between requests and changes. But what we know as ‘scope creep’ is actually the main reason agile software development first came into existence – so teams could adequately deal with the rapidly changing environment, opinions, and learnings vital to building successful software products. In this talk, you will learn how to manage ever-changing requirements, strategies for discerning true ‘hair-on-fire’ needs from ‘nice-to-have-someday’ asks, and recommendations for how to handle change requests.”

The Atlassian Summit is a 3-day annual summit for Atlassian product users and developers to come together and discuss how their businesses use the Atlassian product roadmap. The conference will feature two days of training courses, followed by two days of breakout sessions, user groups, and diversity in tech discussions. For more information on the summit, including a full schedule and how to register to attend, please visit the official conference website.