February 5, 2014

How to Use Agile Development to Avoid Project Failures

Sharon Florentine interviewed Tony Orlando, Executive Vice President of Market and Client Services at 3Pillar Global, for a recent CIO Magazine article on how agile development can be used to avoid disastrous results in software development projects. The article looks at some of the larger issues surrounding poorly deployed software products – the botched rollout of Healthcare.gov being the primary example – and the flawed development frameworks behind them.

In the article, “How to Use Agile Development to Avoid Project Failures,” Tony talks about some of the bigger issues that can contribute to a software product’s failure. He explains that the most glaring reason for failure often has to do with the lack of a big picture vision. Companies fail to see that customers are looking for an experience, which means the overall user experience and business strategy need to be reflective of one another.

He explains why an agile methodology is better suited for the development process than other traditional frameworks because it gives all stakeholders involved – designers, product managers, engineers, etc. – meaningful insight throughout the development process, not just at the beginning or the end.

Also quoted extensively in the article are former 3Pillar Director of Product Management Daniel Klaussen and Brian Bargmann, program manager at ESPN.

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What other risks might there be when developing a new software product in today’s digital climate? How does agile differ form other development methodologies?