February 19, 2015

Fullbridge Leverages 3Pillar Global’s Expertise and Experience for Platform Development

Dynamic online education platform selects software product development leader for insight and strategic direction in agile development, quality assurance and testing

Fairfax, VA – February 19, 2015 – 3Pillar Global, a leading developer of innovative, revenue-generating software products, has provided strategic direction and guidance for the development of the Fullbridge platform, a dynamic online software product that provides educational programs for developing business skills.

“Our ability to provide value to our students is dependent on the constant evolution and refinement of our platform,” said Candice Carpenter Olson, Fullbridge Co-CEO and Founder. “Partnering with 3Pillar Global gives us access to an expert, collaborative partner to ensure our platform offers students the skills, experience and network needed to find their dream job.”

3Pillar worked closely with the Fullbridge team to support quality assurance testing, consulting and guidance during the agile development process. The 3Pillar team established a strong collaborative relationship with Fullbridge to ensure the platform was built for success and will meet the needs of our clients’ customers.

“Businesses like Fullbridge partner with 3Pillar Global to leverage our highly skilled engineering and development teams to get a deeper understanding of the latest technologies and development trends and how they align with business goals,” said 3Pillar President and CEO David DeWolf. “We take their software project or current products to the next level. Additionally, we make sure the project not only aligns with business objectives, but sets the business apart from the competition by connecting with consumers in a new, memorable way.”

About 3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global builds innovative, revenue-generating software products, enabling businesses to quickly turn ideas into value. 3Pillar balances business-minded thinking with engineering expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and big data, to develop products that meet real business needs. To date, 3Pillar’s products have driven over $1 billion in revenue for industry leaders like CARFAX, PBS, and numerous others. For more information, visit www.3pillarglobal.com.

About Fullbridge

Fullbridge, Inc. is a high-growth, education technology company based in Harvard Square with offices in New York and the Middle East. Its mission is to prepare young professionals and recent graduates to succeed in the global economy. Fullbridge delivers highly collaborative, rigorous educational programs that help young people develop real-world business and professional skills through a dynamic online platform and live coaching. Since 2009, Fullbridge has run 85+ programs for 6,000+ students in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with participants ranging from Harvard Law School students, to veterans, to US liberal arts college students, to female vocational students in Saudi Arabia.

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