October 5, 2012

Digital East 2012: 3Pillar & PBS Presentation – Content is King

Michael Renner, 3Pillar’s VP of Solution Design, was a featured speaker yesterday at the Digital East 2012 conference in Herndon, VA. Mike and PBS’ Jon Brendsel shared the stage to give a presentation titled Content is King: Developing market-changing strategies with a unique content approach.

Mike and Jon talked about how changes in consumer technology have forced PBS to adapt to an entirely different content-delivery model than they used just a few years ago. 3Pillar and PBS have worked to set up a back-end technology stack built around a metadata repository that allows PBS to slice and dice video content and display it across a variety of platforms, from the iPad to mobile web to set-top boxes.

A full-length video of the presentation is embedded below, courtesy of Richard Rawson at Rawson Internet Marketing. While Content is King may not get as much play in the Beltway press today as Big Bird, we think the work 3Pillar and PBS have done together over the course of the last four years is just about as newsworthy. After all, as Jon Brendsel points out in what now seems a very prescient moment, most of the funding for PBS comes not from government subsidies but from “viewers like you.”

To find out more about how we have worked with the most trusted media brand in America to broaden the reach of their content, watch the video below or check out the presentation on SlideShare here.