March 9, 2015

David Rhyne to Speak at March NovaUX Meetup

Much before the world got to see the sleekest of designs in the gadgets and applications that we are so fond of today, there came a design pioneer who laid the foundation for what was to come. This iconic industrial designer, Dieter Rams, was well ahead of his time, and he remains an inspiration for the modern generation of UI/UX professionals.

3Pillar’s David Rhyne will give a presentation at the NovaUX March meetup titled Dieter Rams: 10 Principles for Good Design. In his presentation, David will talk about applying Rams’ 10 commandments of good design in the field of modern-day UX. Attend this meetup if you are interested in finding out:

• More about the Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design.
• How these principles have widespread applications, from industrial design to mobile app design to microwave design
• How to incorporate these principles to deliver an improved UX experience for your customers

During this Meetup an attempt will also be made to try and “crowdsource” a review of a few physical/digital products to see how they stand up against the ten principles of good design.

The NoVA UX meetup is a group of user experience professionals in the Northern Virginia and DC metro area. To join the waitlist for the event, please visit the NoVA UX Meetup page for it.

Event date: March 18, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: AddThisHQ, 1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 300, Vienna, VA

Available below is David’s presentation from the recent ModevCon, titled: Less, But Better – Dieter Rams’ Principles of Good Design.