August 6, 2014

David DeWolf on TechMedia in Economic Times

3Pillar CEO David DeWolf recently had an article published in The Economic Times titled “How to Change the World Through TechMedia.” The post, which was originally published on David’s own website at, covers the now symbiotic relationship between media and technologies like mobile.

Emerging technologies have completely disrupted the old way of doing things in the media industry. Not only have advancements in technology broadened the reach of journalists, reporters, and media entities, it has empowered a whole new faction of do-it-yourself bloggers with their own self incubated audiences and communities.

We now have smartphones with high resolution cameras and more computing power than desktop computers right in our pockets. We have retina display tablets able to take studio quality photos in the field, and smart watches capable of responding to emails by voice. These are just a few of the tools out there that are changing the way we deliver information in this technology-enabled world, and they will only get more and more powerful as technology grows.

With all of this change and disruption, how is it possible for you to optimize your influence in this new world?

In his article, David lays out four guiding principles to help you impact the world: find and follow your passion, embrace constant change and commit to lifelong learning, envision the future and dream big, and lead with humble confidence.

Read the full article here to dig deeper into these four guidelines and find out what it takes to fully capitalize on the growing TechMedia industry.