July 1, 2014

David DeWolf interviewed by ZDNet on Wearables

David DeWolf, CEO of 3Pillar, was recently quoted in a ZDNet article on wearables by Teena Hammond. The article looks at the current and future state of wearable technology and what could potentially lie ahead as this nascent industry continues to grow at astounding rates.

In the article, “Wearables: An emerging trend with staying power,” David talks about some of the things that make wearable technology so appealing to both companies and customers alike. He explains that the most important part affecting the wearable industry as a whole is quite simply the wearable device’s form factor. The overall appeal to having a wearable device lies in its discreet presentation and its ability to present continuous information in an understandable and digestible fashion. Once that piece of the puzzle is figured out, software innovation will follow with ease.

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What lies ahead for the wearable industry? What form of wearable hardware will assume dominance in the industry? How different will the wearable industry look as little as five years from now? What other industries could reliable wearable devices change for the better?

To find out all this and more, read the full article.