April 23, 2014

David DeWolf in PandoDaily on Embracing the MVP

3Pillar CEO David DeWolf was recently interviewed by Adam Penenberg of PandoDaily on how large enterprise companies can incorporate elements of the Lean Startup movement like the Minimum Viable Product to drive their innovation capacity.

In the interview, “Dancing Giants: Why Large Companies Should Embrace The Minimum Viable Product,” David discusses how some large companies like PBS, Capital One, and Marriott are using tactics that are traditionally more commonplace in the startup world than in large corporations to rapidly turn ideas into value.

David stresses that in light of the innovation flowing rapidly out of startups, some large companies today have soured on traditional methods of market research. Many are doing away with outdated modes of collecting customer feedback and are now openly embracing the idea of the MVP as the most capital efficient form of market research.

PandoDaily has branded itself “the site of record for Silicon Valley,” and it has quickly gained attention for its commitment to reporting everything of note in Silicon Valley. The interview with David comes as part of one of their most recent initiatives, a 10-part series titled: “Dancing Giants: Can Big Companies Still Innovate?”

Can any company adopt the practice of building and launching MVPs? What has prevented large companies from embracing the MVP model? Read the interview to find out! And if you’re interested in hearing more of David’s thoughts on the MVP concept, see his recent blog post on DavidDeWolf.com titled “Our Dangerous Misunderstanding of the MVP.”