April 4, 2013

DataWerks Selects 3Pillar as Product Development Partner

Fairfax, VA – April 4, 2013 – 3Pillar Global, a product development partner creating software that drives revenue growth, today announced it has been chosen by DataWerks Limited to help the K-12 education company enhance its software solutions to better meet the needs of schools nationwide.  DataWerks is the leading provider of data management services for school districts in Ohio.  The DataWerks suite of products empowers educators and administrators to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and realize operational efficiencies by analyzing student trends and tailoring programs and resources.  As a result, schools and districts can best serve their students by improving student outcomes.

“We conducted a thorough evaluation of several outstanding product development firms.  We chose 3Pillar for their experience in the education vertical market and their unique ability to marry the technical and business perspectives that are crucial to deploying compelling solutions that drive revenue,” said Todd Stark, CEO at DataWerks. “We’ve immediately developed an integrated team rapport with 3Pillar.  Their expertise, curiosity, and insight have fostered a spirit and energy that is rapidly propelling us forward as we apply our strategic planning throughout design and development.”

3Pillar is following its Adaptive PLM™ distributed agile product lifecycle management methodology for DataWerks, which includes Product Strategy, Product Design, and Product Development services.  The two companies collaborated to build a product vision and roadmap through 3Pillar’s Product Strategy offering.  The resulting product development plan identifies the most relevant benefits for the DataWerks customer community, the corresponding product innovation improvements necessary to drive new revenue, and the schedule of activities that will produce optimal market impact and business results in time for the upcoming academic calendar year.

3Pillar will refine and update the product development plan as it executes its Product Design and Product Development services to transform and extend the DataWerks suite of products – PeopleWerks for human resource management, TestingWerks for performance and data analysis, and GiftedWerks for gifted services management.  3Pillar will converge PeopleWerks, TestingWerks, and GiftedWerks into one integrated product while converting the product architecture and delivery model from client/server, on-premise to cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

“For DataWerks to be a disruptive force that lets school districts innovate, they had to do the very same thing with their own product offering,” said David DeWolf, 3Pillar’s CEO.  “With an integrated product delivered via the cloud, DataWerks is going to lower the costs and barriers to entry for school districts of all sizes nationwide – opening new markets and driving top line revenue growth.”

About DataWerks

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, DataWerks Limited is a data management company focusing on data for education and education with data.  Our passion is to assist schools and districts to streamline operations through data solutions that replace the manual, paper-based systems and the stand-alone, redundant systems that typically evolve over the years.  DataWerks is committed to building on our experience in the education community to deliver products that enhance the business of education – helping both students and staff.  For more information, please visit www.datawerkslimited.com.

About 3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global builds software products for businesses, enabling them to quickly turn ideas into value.  We do this through our disciplined approach to innovation and our deep expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile and big data. Through a collaborative and fully-integrated experience, clients have access to a global network of highly-talented, dedicated professionals.  www.3pillarglobal.com.

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