Dan Suciu to Speak at Agile Tour Lithuania 2016

3Pillar’s Dan Suciu will be speaking on Agile best practices at the Agile Tour 2016 in Lithuania on September 22. The Agile Tour 2016 is the largest event on agile in Lithuania.

His speech, titled “Best Practices in Agile,” points out the elements that lead to the idea of implementing agile practices into a team causes more harm than good. Dan will address this notion in the speech and offer two outcomes:

  1. Acknowledge the idea that applying best practices in agile software development may not work for every organization structure
  2. Remember that Agile is not a formula, but instead a set of values and principles around which to organize a project or team

Dan will explore the way Agile best practices are used throughout different organizations, and whether they are suitable for every team.

This is the seventh year of the Agile Tour Lithuania, which is the biggest event about Agile project management and information systems development in Lithuania. It is a non-profit education event that follows the principles of the global Agile Tour initiative. It is organized by the Agile Lithuania association, which unites Agile practitioners and enthusiasts from various companies in Lithuania.

About Dan Suciu

Dan Suciu is the Director of Technical Training at 3Pillar Global, as well as a Lecturer and PhD Faculty Member of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His fields of interest include databases, object-oriented analysis and design, and software development methodologies.

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