December 7, 2013

Alok Jain Diagnoses the Design Flaws of

Alok Jain, Director of User Experience Design at 3Pillar Global, recently wrote an article for UX Magazine titled, “DOA? Diagnosing the UX Flaws of Obamacare.” The article discusses some of the technical issues that derailed the rollout of, and how its design poorly reflects the needs of its customer base.

In the article, Alok talks about the website’s inability to perform its two primary functions: Helping people to make the best decision for themselves, and providing them with clear, understandable directions to complete the required steps for signing up. He explains that the relevant information needed to make well-informed decisions is scattered across multiple pages, some of which display important texts and images on poorly organized webpages, making it hard for customers to utilize the site’s core functionalities.

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To find out some of the ways can improve, read the entire article here.