July 19, 2016

Adi Chikara to Speak at 2016 RightsTech Summit

3Pillar’s Adi Chikara will be participating in a panel on the role of crypto-currencies at the Rights Tech Summit in New York City on July 26th at 12:25 pm. Adi will be on a panel alongside Michael Terpin, the Founder of Marketeeria, and Cédric Cobban, the President and Founder of PeerTracks.

The panel, titled “Crypto-Currencies, Side-Chains and Fiat Portals,” will look at the role of crypto-currencies within different marketplaces, and discuss whether the Blockchain is the end-all, be-all of these types of currencies. A description of the panel from the Rights Tech site is as follows:

“Bitcoin, Ether, crypto-USD. What is the role of crypto-currencies in RightsTech marketplaces? Is the Bitcoin blockchain the only game in town or will media-specific chains and currencies also play a role? Will fiat-pegged crypto-currencies be part of the mix?”

The Rights Tech Summit is a one day executive leadership conference that unites leaders under the focus of furthering technology innovation around rights management and licensing across multiple media verticals. The summit is a joint venture between Digital Media Wire Inc. and Concurrent Media Strategies, LLC. Its goal is to provide a first class conference for discussion, analysis, and debate on emerging technologies and technology-enabled strategies for the management, authentication, and monetization of creative rights across diverse media industries. This year’s conference will focus on a multitude of issues and discussion groups, including:

  • Machine Readable Rights and the reduction of rights information to machine-readable forms
  • Smart Contracts, or computer protocols
  • Shared Responsibilities surrounding ledgers to record transactions and payments without a central point of control
  • Blockchain and big Data and how they relate to the shared responsibilities problem
  • RightsTech in the enterprise
  • RightsTech and Direct-to-Consumer Distribution
  • RightsTech and Piracy
  • Attribution and Provenance and how it relates to Rights Tech

Update: Watch Video of Adi’s Panel

You can watch full video of Tone Vays, Adi Chikara, and Cedric Cobban’s panel discussion on Crypto-currencies, Side Chains, & Fiat Portals below, in both regular video format and 360-degree/virtual reality video.

If you want to put yourself into the action, you can watch in 360-degree video via the embed below.

About Adi Chikara

Adi Chikara is a Technology Strategist and part of the Solutions Management Group at 3Pillar Global. He helps 3Pillar clients validate and define their blockchain strategies and has taken a blockchain-based enterprise technology product to market over the last year. In addition to presenting his “blockchain canvas” at the Ethereum DevCon1 conference in London in 2015. Adi has been quoted in publications like Buzzfeed News on how blockchain could impact the global financial system. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Adi held key research and consulting roles in European Union-funded researches. In the private sector, Adi has served in various technical roles at Reuters and product roles at multiple startups.