Adi Chikara Quoted in Buzzfeed News Article on Blockchain

3Pillar Global’s Adi Chikara was recently quoted by Buzzfeed News in an article on the future of money and the steps it will take to get to a cashless society. Adi was quoted among other financial services industry leaders, including co-founder of Venmo Iqram Magdon-Ismail, co-founder of Coinbase Fred Ehrsam, and co-founder of Square Randy Reddig.

The article, titled “Yes We Scan,” details the complications that come along with transitioning into a “non-wallet” lifestyle. Though mobile payments are the future, there are a multitude of hurdles that consumers and companies alike must jump through before the financial industry can become fully cash- and card-free.

“We had paper and it was backed by gold, and right now we’re trusting the government – but with the blockchain you may not necessarily need the state.” – Adi Chikara

Adi discusses one of the main technological responses to this desire for a cash- and card-free world: the Blockchain. He argues that blockchain could eventually help replace currency as we know it and allow society to move away from state-backed currency. “We had paper and it was backed by gold, and right now we’re trusting the government – but with blockchain you might not necessarily need the state,” says Adi in the article. Adi agrees that we are many years from this happening universally, but believes that the stage is currently being set and that these big changes to the financial industry are going to continue.

To read the full article, please visit Yes We Scan on the Buzzfeed News website.

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