May 30, 2017

3Pillar to Host Rise of the DevOps Conference in Cluj-Napoca

3Pillar Global will be hosting a DevOps-centered conference titled “Rise of the DevOps” in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on Saturday, June 10 from 9 AM to 5 PM EEST.

The conference will focus on every facet of the DevOps movement as it emerges as a set of cultural ideas, traits, and practices in the development community. Because community is such an integral part to DevOps, this conference aims to bring developers together for a day of presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The conference will feature four speakers and three workshops throughout the day, with a welcome speech by 3Pillar’s Bogdan Muresan. This will be followed by a morning of presentations, including:

  • “Death of A Sysadmin” by 3Pillar CTO Jonathan Rivers, on the problems that a lack of System Administrators in the market have brought to DevOps teams
  • “Choose Chef! Choose High Availability, Consistency, and Speed!” by Silvian Cretu, which will explore the benefits of infrastructure administration
  • “Automate AWS Infrastructure with Open Source Tools” by Adi Biris, on the tools available for developers looking to delivery resources quickly
  • “Infrastructure as Code” by Alina Perdu, which will show how using infrastructure as code can simplify IT operations

The afternoon offers three workshops, given side-by-side and running for 3 hours each. These workshops include:

  • “Docker for Web Devs” given by Cassian Lup, which will focus on using Docker to leverage the power of containers in web development. Cassian recently presented this workshop at the HackTM conference in Timisoara.
  • “Cooking with Chef in Amazon AWS” with Silvian Cretu, on practical examples of using Amazon AWS, OpsWork, and Chef 12
  • “Terraform with Ansible from Zero to Deployment” given by Adi Biris, which will include a demo on building an AWS VPC from scratch and starting a basic web service.

Join us on Saturday, June 10 for a full day at the Impact Hub in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For more information on this event, including information on the presenters and how to register to attend, please visit the official EventBrite page.