March 19, 2014

3Pillar Timisoara to Host Launch of Today Software Magazine Issue 21

March 19, 2014 – 3Pillar’s Timisoara office will play host to the launch party for the 21st issue of Today Software Magazine on Monday, March 24th. Two members of the 3Pillar team, Bogdan Cornianu and Dan Mircea Suciu, will be giving presentations at the event.

Bogdan’s presentation, “A JavaScript Library for Effective Development,” is based on an article he wrote for the 21st issue of the magazine, A Javascript Logging Library for Productive Programmers. The article and the presentation will cover the creation of “Logger,” a custom JavaScript library that makes it easier for testing teams to track and log bugs.

The most widely used method of logging events for debugging in JavaScript is by calling the “console.log(message)” which will show the message in the developer console. The “console” object is a host object, which means that it is provided by the JavaScript runtime environment. Because it is a host object, there is no specification describing its behavior, and as a result of that, the browser implementations differ, or can even be missing. If most browsers already implement a logging functionality out of the box, our team thought to define a library, which extends the functionality offered by the built-in logging mechanism with features such as searching, filtering and formatting of messages.

Dan Mircea Suciu’s presentation, titled “The Features of IT Projects,” is based on an article he wrote for the 16th issue of Today Software Magazine titled Best Practices in Agile. Dan’s presentation will cover his efforts to study the efficiency and benefits of adhering to best practices in Agile. As agile has become adopted by an increasing number of organizations and project teams, Dan has reached some conclusions that are far from optimistic about the current state of Agile. The presentation will point out some of the main pitfalls in applying the practices of other organizations/teams in Agile implementation to your own project team, and how to avoid it bringing more disadvantages than advantages.

If you’re reading this from Romania and are interested in attending, you can RSVP for the event on the Today Software Magazine Facebook page.