April 20, 2014

3Pillar SVP of Engineering Jeff Nielsen to Speak at Agile 2014 in Orlando

agile_alliance_210x210_0The Agile Alliance is preparing to host the Agile 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida from July 28 to Aug 1, 2014. 3Pillar is pleased to have Jeff Nielsen, our SVP of Engineering and an expert in agile software product development, presenting at the conference on The Power of Commitments on July 30th at 3:45 PM.

The Power of Commitments will be a 75-minute workshop. Over the course of the workshop, Jeff will cover the importance of being able to make and keep commitments, describe the role of commitment in building trust, explain how this trust is fundamental in client/partner relationships, illustrate common commitments for agile teams, share tools that can help in making and managing commitments, and practice scenarios to help participants improve their “commitment conversations.”

Dubbed the largest conference of its kind with a sole focus on all things agile, Agile 2014 is expected to be attended by more than 1800 agile experts and business leaders, including Agile Executives, Managers, Developers, Consultants, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Usability Experts and Product Designers. The conference will see a host of Special Events designed to encourage networking among agile enthusiasts who are focused on brainstorming, problem solving, collaborating, and learning from their peers and experts in agile.

Jeff is no stranger to the Agile Conference. He has presented at the conference several times dating back to 2005, and he was part of the organizing committee for Agile 2007, Agile 2008, Agile 2011, Agile 2012, and Agile 2013. Interested in joining us there? Register early to take advantage of the first-come, first-serve Early Bird Discounts for Agile 2014. If you already plan to be there, be sure to add Jeff’s session to your schedule!