December 16, 2014

3Pillar SVP of Engineering Jeff Nielsen in Agile Connection

3Pillar SVP of Engineering Jeff Nielsen recently sat for an interview with Agile Connection and Sticky Minds to talk the agile mindset and agile predictions for 2015.

In the interview with Cameron Phillipp-Edmonds, Jeff talks about what he sees as the next big frontiers for agile, including scaling deeper into the enterprise and a growing premium being placed on DevOps. Jeff says that all the software development teams he knows that are building great products are following agile practices.

While Jeff thinks agile is something that is being practiced by most companies – or at least attempted by most – there is one sector that has been slow to adopt an agile mindset: government. You can view the interview in its entirety below, or on the Agile Connection or Sticky Minds websites, where written transcripts are also available.